Enable Multidex on Unity (without Android Studio)

First of all, you have some plugins to download:

  • Download .pom and .aar files here:
  • Download .pom and .aar files for multidex-instrumentation here:
  • Create folders …\m2repository\com\android\support\multidex-instrumentation\1.0.2 and …\m2repository\com\android\support\multidex\1.0.2 and copy corresponding .pom and .aar there.

Next step is to update your Android Manifest and added android:name=”” on the Application node.

Now, you’ll have to activate the Multidex support on Unity, go to Build Settings, Android, Player Settings, in Publish settings check the “Custom Gradle Template”, it’ll generate a mainTemplate.gradle on the Plugin/Android folder.


Note, if it’s not a new project, you’ll have to manage the gradle template with your old one (generated automaticaly on temp/GradleOUT).

Now you’ll have to add two things on your gradle template:

    • Add compile ‘’ on Dependencies
    • ‘multiDexEnabled true’ on defaultConfig


Circle Objects Manager

Hey, my second easy to use plugin was release, it’s a Circle Objects Manager plugin, you’ll be able to create a lot of objects, position it on a cricle, manage the scale, the rotate, the speed, the radius. With this plugin we’ll be able to rotate your objects. Save you so much time with this plugin, easy to use, easy to implement.

Text Animation UI

Find out this easy to use Text Animation UI plugin, it’ll make your application messages cleary understable and less intrusive because of the smoothy animation, check out the video and you’ll see 🙂

Save your works, stay focus on your gameplay, and get it for some bucks only, let me know if you want some updates or informations about.