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Castle Puzzle – The Perfect Jenga Tower Game

The Best Jenga game is here!
In Castle Puzzle, remove the tower pieces like a Jenga Game, careful, any action can result has fall the Castle (but yeah, it’s so satisfying).

Real-time 3D physics simulation, authentically recreating the behavior of a real wooden Jenga tower. Each block is realistically affected by the surrounding blocks, recreating the same strategic depth as the original game.

Anyone who’s played Jenga knows how delicate your touch needs to be. The Android’s super-accurate touch screen gives you the control you’ll need to go for world record heights. Blocks can be teased out using a mix of gentle tapping and drag controls. It’s easy to begin with, but you’ll soon find it tough when the pressure is on and the tower is wobbling!

Castle Puzzle lets you compare your current tower height against that of friends around the world! A little friendly competition is the best motivator…

Castle Puzzle is beautiful, you won’t see a single pixel. Advanced pieces shaders make the tower pop out and let you gauge its stability. And everything is set in beautiful environments, rivalling the quality of modern games consoles.

Like all titles from A French Guy Games, Castle Puzzle fully supports GOOGLE PLAY including leaderboards and easy friend comparisons.

Designed by myself to create the most authentic Jenga experience ever.