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Kitty Paint – Paint circles and win a lot of cats

Everyone loves coloring. Everyone loves cats. Here is an exciting combination of coloring and cat. This cool painting game comes with an exciting and colorful adventure.

Take on challenges, collect cats, because this game is easy to understand, but difficult to master. Each level comes with a limited number of chat. Think carefully before throwing your cats. Lose yourself in the world of painting and make an incredible tower of different colors. There are several levels to complete and get exciting points to unlock more levels. Complete the goal to create the perfect colorful tour.

For all ages, this free game is just as fun. There are several levels.
The difficulty of the levels and the movement of the rings increases with each successive level.


Press Play to start the coloring game.
Start and enjoy painting by touching the little cat.
Fill the goal of the ring.
Do not tap on an already painted area.
Pass the levels and unlock the new cats.


Color the tower with cats
Easy to play and simple to understand
Different levels amazing and exciting
Release your stress to strengthen the walls of the ring
Download it now for free!